The ranging behaviour and habitat selection by three Hawfinches Coccothraustes coccothraustes in late winter in Scotland

  • May 25, 2010
  • by John Calladine & Neil Morrison

The detected ranges (mean convex polygons) of two male radio-tagged Hawfinches in March 2007 were 34.9 and 1.2 km2, however that of the latter male was likely to be an underestimate because of its relatively infrequent detection. Constant monitoring of a female tagged in February 2008 indicated a range of 1.4 km2. Tree species used in daytime were Oak (an average 39% of radio locations for the three birds), Yew (32%), Sitka Spruce (17%), Lime (10%), Sycamore (1%) and Fir (<1%). Sitka Spruce and Cypress were used as roost sites. Although there are apparent differences between the sexes (greater ranging distances by the males and greater preference for Yews by the female), the small sample size of tagged birds limits making any generalisations for the species.