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PIP Collars

As specialists in wildlife tracking systems, we have a wide and varied selection of animal tracking devices and telemetry equipment suitable for monitoring mammals of all groups and sizes.

The smallest and lightest radio collars are equipped with PIP transmitters.

PIP transmitters are very light: 0.4 to 4g, depending on battery and mounting configuration. The reduced weight allows the construction of light radio collars that are used to track very small mammals.

Pulse parameters:
Rate: 20 – 120 pulses/minute (variable in about 10 pulses/minute steps)
Length: 5 – 50 ms (variable in about 5 ms steps)


Activity-sensing – At the most basic level, a tilt-switch can indicate simply whether or not an animal is active.

Posture sensing – On some species it is possible to position the switch such that the different pulse rates indicate particular postures.

Internal or external antenna – External antennas provide better range but can be chewed of by conspecifics

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