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PinPoint Solar GPS Iridium

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GPS with global remote download

PinPoint GPS Iridium tags allow remote data download with 24/7 satellite coverage in remote areas where GSM won’t work. The PinPoint advanced scheduling system gives you the flexibility to suit your study needs with the additional feature of 2-way communication, you can remotely change the GPS schedule on your deployed tags. Additional features such as activity data, temperature data and mortality detection provide you with greater insight into your species behaviour. Contact one of our telemetry specialists to help you optimize our tags for your study needs.


  • Activity and mortality
  • Real-time alerts when entering or leaving Virtual Fence
  • Flexibility for multiple schedules based on Virtual Fence
  • VHF beacon for traditional radio tracking and tag recovery
  • Product Features

    Consistent Satellite Coverage
    The Iridium satellite constellation (www.iridium.com)
    has constant satellite availability, so there is better coverage at the equator, no need to wait for satellite passes, and greater redundancy than other satellite constellations. This means that there is greater download reliability, and the ability to choose when to upload your data. 24/7 global coverage.

    Efficient Data Transfer
    Exchanging data with the Iridium system is efficient as handshakes determine what data has been transferred. Therefore look forward to more locations and extra sensor data.

    Remotely Upload New Schedules (chargeable option)
    Because the Iridium system allows 2-way communications, your tags can be configured to allow a new schedule or other user-chosen parameters (e.g. new virtual fence) to be uploaded after it has been deployed. So if you see that the bird is moving into an area you are interested in, you can increase the GPS locations, and reduce again afterwards, according to the behaviour you are wanting to record.

    Low Temperature Protection: 
    For colder climates

    No External Antenna
    Both the GPS receiving antenna and the Iridium transmitting antenna are contained within the housing, eliminating the risk of antenna damage that is always a concern with whip antennas on other technologies.

    Flexible Scheduling

    As with all our PinPoint GPS tags, a user-friendly PinPoint Host allows you to schedule GPS location records when you want, as well as how frequently to upload data or schedule the VHF beacon (if fitted).

    Receive temperature, mortality and even proximity data.

    Movement Alerts
    Alerts can be sent, or even schedules changed, when your bird enters or leaves a Virtual Fence defined by you. Only available with standard locations processed on board.

    Swift Locations
    Swift locations (or fixes) are more efficient than standard locations, so the tag can record more of them, although they can not be used for virtual fences.

    Virtual Fences
    Program different GPS schedules according to whether the bird is within an area specified by you.  For example, you may not need so many locations when the bird is near the nest, so you have longer intervals between GPS locations, but when it leaves the area around the nest you can record locations more frequently.

  • Product Applications

    PinPoint Iridium tags have significant advantages over other GPS tags, having a global 24/7 ability to receive data, and a much more efficient data transfer protocol, which will increase the amount of data you can get from remote download.

    Suitable for species that can carry a tag of 40g or more.

  • Product Specifications

    Model PinPoint Iridium 200 Solar PinPoint Iridium 950 Solar PinPoint Iridium 1900 Solar
    Standard weight (g) 80 94 110
    Base Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 125 x 43 x 35
    Locations per day [1] Estimated battery life (months) assuming no solar charge [2]
      1 12 58 116
      4 3 15 29
      12 1 5 10
    IR mode [3] 6-6 fixes per message
    Transmit Every location

    1. Locations will be attempted according to your schedule, but the bird’s behaviour can prevent GPS acquisition and upload.
    2. Operating life will be affected by exposure to sunlight, the frequency of iridium transmissions and the VHF beacon schedule. For help with your application, contact one of our telemetry specialists
    3. IR mode can be changed to suit project needs, e.g. more frequent transmissions if locations are needed urgently, or reduced transmissions to save power

    Features and specifications are subject to change without notice


    There is no external antenna unless a VHF beacon is required.

    A PinPoint DLC is required for scheduling, and downloading test data and accessing locations if recovered after deployment.

    Remote data is accessed through our secure data portal.


    Technical specifications:
    Operating temperature: -5˚C to +50˚C
    VHF beacon option: -10˚C to +35˚C

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