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Sunbird Solar Argos Transmitters

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Solar Argos Transmitters from 2 grams

These compact Argos satellite transmitters enable you to track small birds during their journey. High efficiency solar harvesting and an adaptive transmission protocol maximise the use of the sun’s energy. No longer do you need to wait for starling-size migrants to return and then endure the nerve-racking attempts to re-trap them to recover the tags. The data are delivered to you daily*.

Lotek’s PinPoint GPS Argos tags have already revealed fantastic migrations with astonishing accuracy on some of the lightest species ever satellite-tracked. Now, the Sunbird Argos transmitter has been developed to reduce tag-weight further, by removing the weight and energy costs of the GPS. Whilst the Sunbird’s Argos Doppler locations are less accurate than GPS, the reduced weight makes it suitable for smaller migratory birds. So many new species can now be tracked using our Sunbird tags.

* Provided the tags receive sufficient sunlight, the tags should transmit long enough every day to be received by Argos satellites.


  • Standard 10 m depth and marine 200 m depth options available
  • Standard and heavy-duty antennas available in two different lengths
  • Data Delivery: Lotek Argos Web Service, ArgosWeb, Movebank
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