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MAP Acoustic Transmitters 76 KHz

MAP-Series acoustic transmitters are designed for operation with Lotek’s unique MAP digital encoded telemetry systems. MAP acoustic systems permit the unique identification of over 80,000 individual animals. Both ID-only and ID plus sensors (temperature, pressure/depth and/or motion) can be simultaneously monitored and recorded.
Unique CDMA digital coding permits simultaneous detection of hundreds of co-located transmitters at high repetition rates (to 40 transmissions per minute per tag), yielding data with higher temporal resolution and higher detection rates when compared to analog coding systems.
When used in conjunction with WHS 3250 submersible receivers and Lotek UMAP positioning software, continuous high resolution 2D and 3D tracks of tag location in time are calculated.


  • Sensors: temperature, pressure/depth, motion, temp/press, press/motion
  • External attachment option available (increases transmitter length and weight).
  • Available in standard or high power output
  • Product Features

    • Over 80,000 unique ID’s.
    • Allows simultaneous detection/decoding hundreds of co-located transmitters.
    • Rapid (up to 1.5 sec) transmission period.
    • On/off activation by magnet removal.
    • Temperature, Pressure, Motion (not accelerometer)
    • ID-only and ID plus sensor transmitters can be detected/recorded simultaneously.
  • Product Applications

    Efficient, high speed manual tracking made possible through rapid transmission Burst Intervals, Continuous 2D/3D position tracks available for fine scale habitat utilization and species interaction studies, Species migration timing/behavior around hydro-electric facilities.

  • Product Specifications

    Model Sensor type Physical specifications [1] Life [2] (days)
      Size (ØxL) (mm) Weight (g) 5s interval 90s interval
    MM-M-8-SO ID-only 8.5 x 42 5.5 20 291
    MM-M-11-SO ID-only 11 x 42 6.6 20 291
    MM-M-11-28 ID-only 12 x 60 11 100 1478
    MM-M-11-45 ID-only 12 x 73 15 155 2300
    MM-M-16-25 ID-only 16 x 57 26 194 3047
    MM-M-16-33 ID-only 16 x 64 29 265 4156
    MM-M-16-50 ID-only 16 x 80 35 424 6649

    1. Size/weight specification tolerance typically ±5%. It is recommended that specifications be confirmed when placing an order.
    Sensors increase length by 3mm and weight by 0.5 (e.g. 8mm diameter tag) to 3 (e.g. 16 mm tag) grams.

    2. Sensor option decreases expected life by approximately 3%.

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