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Nanotags for Insects

The latest Nanotag development is the NanoPin, weighing 0.13g. Numerous insects can now be monitored with Nanotags. Available as digitally coded tags for the continental MOTUS array and as traditional beeper tags for local movement studies. Attachment possible with glue or thread. The first ever Asian Giant Hornet nest discovered in North America was located using NanoPins. What are you going to track? Bumblebees, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies?  Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


  • Choose the signal interval that optimizes life for your study.
  • Request an antenna length that best suits your species and necessary detection range
  • Digitally coded or traditional beeper: With digitally coded tags, all insects can be autonomously monitored simultaneously to study attendance or passage at a specific location or to study migratory movements via the continental MOTUS array. With traditional beeper tags, insects can be tracked individually to find nests, feeding sites, etc.
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