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About Lotek Products

Our innovative and internationally recognized satelliteradioacoustic, and archival monitoring solutions allow researchers to track animals of almost any size, in almost any environment. Whether an animal moves through a terrestrial, freshwater, marine or avian habitat, Lotek has a system to track it. From GPS telemetry collars for wildlife species, to transmitter tags for avian applications.

  • Satellite

    GPS, Iridium, Argos & Globalstar

    Satellite tracking uses the global positioning system to determine the precise location of the animal. Locations are logged and can then be downloaded in various ways.

    Read more about satellite telemetry

  • Radio


    Radio signals transmit best through air and fresh water. Lotek offers radio transmitters and receivers suitable for monitoring freshwater fish, terrestrial and avian species.

    Read more about radio telemetry

  • Acoustic


    Acoustic signals transmit best through deep and salt water, making them ideal for a variety of marine applications.

    Read more about acoustic telemetry

  • Archival


    Archival tags collect and store information on depth, temperature and light (geolocation). They are most often used on marine fish and mammals, as well as birds.

    Read more about archival technology

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