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LAT Geolocator-TDRs for Birds

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A tag that can record both migration and diving behaviour

The behaviour of seabirds is remarkable, but studying it can be difficult when they are out at sea. Our LAT2800 loggers can record light levels for geolocation analysis of migration, plus log pressure to record dive depths and frequency. Temperature and Wet/Dry sensors also help interpret the data.

The LAT series is the ideal data storage solution for any biologist seeking reliable long-term life-cycle-related data for any migratory species that dive.

Two distinct LAT families are available: LAT1000 Series TDRs (time, temperature and depth recorders), and LAT2000 Series geolocators (light-based tags, this page).


  • Sensors: Wet/dry sensor, Internal Temperature, Depth, Light
  • Product Features

    Geolocation calculated for you
    Over 200 light levels allowing sophisticated Template Fit analyses.

    A Selection of Pressure Ranges
    Improves accuracy for shallower divers.

    Wet/dry and Temperature Sensors
    To help you see when birds are in water, and trigger pressure recording for dive profiles.

    Multiple Memory Management Options for Flexible Scheduling
    1. Day Log: summarizes on board geolocation and other processes, allowing one to collect data for every day at liberty; a number of “loggables” are available to be recorded in
    the Day Log, e.g., daily: sea surface temperature, min. and max. pressures, min. and max. temperatures, times of sunrise and sunset, etc.;
    2. Telescoping Log: allows the total times series storage capacity of the tag to be evenly distributed over the entire mission.
    3. Conditional Log: samples recorded (or not) based upon the condition of one or two sampled “loggables”;
    4. Basic Log: straight sampling.

    User chosen resolution
    Can help balance the number of samples with the resolution of some sensors

    Up to 128 Mbytes of non-volatile memory are available on specific models.
    LAT tags are designed for miscellaneous data collection and data compression strategies aimed at maximizing and optimizing tags’ operating life and number of samples taken.

    All LAT archival tags use a USB reader and a communication interface, LAT TagTalk.
    The reader is practical for field work as it connects to the tags’ gold electrical contacts using minigrabbers – this method is very stable and reduces the risk of interfering with the connection if the tag is moved. The software allows the user to interact with the tag, to create a flexible programming regime and to download the data from the tag.

  • Product Applications

    The LAT geolocators combined with temperature, depth and time recorders have been used successfully with many seabirds.  They are robust, so can be fitted to the birds legs which is both better for the welfare of the seabird than harness mounting, and means that time on the water is recorded.  Combining the locations of birds with diving frequency and depth, you can learn about feeding behaviour during periods when they are out of sight.

  • Product Specifications

    Model LAT2800S LAT2800L
    Expected life (months) 12 [1] 24 [2]
      Tubular form factor:
    Size (ØxL) (mm) 11 x 38 13 x 44
    Weight (g) 6.2 10.6
      Flatpack form factor:
    Size (LxWxH) (mm) 36 x 11 x 7.2 36 x 13 x 10
    Weight (g) 5.5 10
    Memory 128MB

    1. Estimated life calculated at the sampling interval of every 10 seconds
    2. Estimated life calculated at the sampling interval of every 5 seconds

    Technical Specifications:
    Operating temperature: -20˚C to 60˚C
    Temperature measurement range: -5˚C to 35˚C
    Temperature calibrated range: -20˚C to 45˚C
    Temperature resolution: 0.05˚C or better
    Temperature accuracy: better than ±0.2˚C
    Depth range: 50m, 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2000m
    Depth accuracy: ±1% of Full Scale
    Depth resolution: 0.05% of Full Scale
    Sample rate setting: >1s in 1 sec. increments
    Data analysis software: Yes

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