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Coded Radio Transmitters

Lotek Microprocessor Coded Fish Transmitter technology was first introduced in 1994 as a means to reduce overall receiver scan time and thereby increase detection performance in applications where animals traverse a monitoring site at high rates of speed or in applications that require the monitoring of large numbers of uniquely identified individuals. Improvements incorporated over the years include faster and more efficient microprocessors (for longer operational life per size), highly flexible On/Off activation and variable Burst Interval schedules for extending operational life further, and real-time sensor data transmission technology (temperature and bimodal motion) to observe changes in animal behavior in reaction to environmental perturbations.


  • Extended life
  • External attachment (increases length and weight)
  • Sensors: temperature, motion
  • Product Features

    The use of the latest microprocessor technology results in a significant improvement in efficiency that extends operational life (nearly 100% over comparable models at 5 second burst rate) providing researchers with the option of reduced tag size and decreased impact upon the species of interest.

    The MCFT2 Series also offers advanced and extremely flexible asynchronous ON/OFF and variable burst rate programming. The MCFT2 Series is compatible with sensor technology, including motion and temperature.

  • Product Applications

    Lotek MCFT2 VHF radio transmitters are primarily designed for use with Lotek digitally encoded systems (SRX 400, 600, DL, 800) that utilize Lotek proprietary code sets and allow for over 700 unique IDs per frequency. Lotek code sets were first introduced in 1993 as a means to minimize overall receiver scan time and thereby detect more tagged animals within a set increment of time.
    MCFT2 and predecessor MCFT have been used since 1994 to study and monitor the behavior of adult fish species such as salmon, sturgeon, trout, walleye, bass, carp, and numerous other species as well as some amphibians and reptiles.
    Compatible with Lotek coded VHF radio receiving systems: SRX 400/400A, SRX 600/DL, SRX 800
    Used in long term (multi-year) studies, fish passage evaluation, microhabitat utilization, fish entrainment studies, migration timing, and behavioral response to environmental perturbation.

  • Product Specifications

     Model Physical Specifications Life [1] (days)
      Size (ØxL) (mm) Weight in air (g) Weight in water (g) 2s interval 5s interval
    MCFT2-3BM 11 x 43 8 3.7 184 / 306 444 / 723
    MCFT2-3B 14 x 37 9 4 66 / 110 160 / 258
    MCFT2-3EM 12 x 53 10 4.3 219 / 364 528 / 860
    MCFT2-3FM 11 x 59 11 4.6 366 / 609 882 / 1432
    MCFT2-3LM 12 x 69 13 5.4 340 / 566 819 / 1330
    MCFT2-3A 16 x 46 16 6.7 574 1376
    MCFT2-3L 16 x 73 25 11 1241 2929

    1. Standard Life / Extended Life
    All specifications subject to +5% manufacturing tolerance

    Technical specifications:
    Operating frequency: 140-175 MHz
    Typical frequency separation: 10KHz
    Activation Programming: delay start, definable hourly/daily/weekly activation periods and burst rates, Asynchronous programming available

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