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LiteTrack 140

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Efficient & Lightweight – up to 3 times more GPS fixes

The LiteTrack 140 is a competitive balance between the strengths of a larger collar with the compatibility, functionality and the weight of a smaller collar. Minimizing collar profiles while maximizing capabilities, the LiteTrack series are capable of collecting GPS fixes at user defined intervals with both standard and “swift fix” strategy options available. In addition, these collars can be programmed with user flexible schedules of VHF, RF communication, Proximity, & Activity features. Enabling remote downloading and manual tracking, while combining features like activity, proximity and temperature all serve to add context to the GPS points and ultimately add context to the species behavioural patterns. For more information on the Litetrack 140, please contact Lotek’s telemetry specialists.


  • Contact and close proximity
  • SWIFT Fixes for many more locations
  • Mortality indication
  • Remote data download and upload with potential for UAV download
  • Flexible scheduling of GPS + VHF + RF communication
  • Sensors: field proven technological innovations such as contact-proximity, ODBA and VeDBA activity models, temperature
  • External whip antenna, vertical / horizontal, or internal antenna
  • Deploy multiple collars on the same frequency and distinguish between them by means of embedded collar IDs in the beacon signals
  • Geofencing
  • Timed Release Drop off – collar can be fitted with a microTRD device or a TRD
  • Product Application Examples

    Home range analysis, Distribution and Habitat use, Survival, Inter/Intra Species interactions, Migration, Predator/ pray interaction, Strategic placement of wildlife crossing (overpasses, underpasses) , Translocations and re-introductions, Human wildlife conflicts, Adaptive management, Population dynamics, Judas operations, Identifying timing and peak of rut activity, Adaptive landscape management, Kill rates, Cause specific mortalities, Kill sites prediction, Invasive species management

  • Links and Resources

    Bobcat City – Studying Urban Cats – Texas Parks and Wildlife

  • Product Specifications

    Model Weight
    Housing size [1]
    (LxWxH) (mm)
    GPS life [2] (Std / SWIFT fixes)
    1y 2y 3y
    LiteTrack 140 110+ 60 x 30 x 24 16 / 28 [5] 4 / 12 [5] [7]

    1. LiteTrack 20 and LiteTrack 30 models are hand molded, tolerance 5%.
    2. Number of fixes per day to achieve desired operating life.
    3. 1h VHF per day
    4. 2h VHF per day
    5. 3h VHF per day
    6. 4h VHF per day
    7. Contact Lotek representative for more information.

    Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


    Technical Specifications:
    Frequency Range: 148MHz to 174MHz
    Standard adjustment (mm): ±30
    Collar width (mm): 25
    Collar circumference (mm): 250 (220) – 390
    Lower collar circumference is achieved by adding foam padding.

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