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GlobalstarTrack Pro LU, LC, LC PB

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GPS and radio collar, with Globalstar transfer of GPS data

Lotek’s cost-effective line of GlobalstarPro series for both ungulates and carnivores. These collars are capable of transmitting 1-2 GPS positions to your computer screen via Lotek’s Webservice interface.

Operating life can vary depending on application and study needs and objectives. Please contact one of our Telemetry Specialists to discuss your study needs.


  • 1-2 GPS locations per day
  • Remote GPS data download via Globalstar
  • Mortality indication with increase in VHF pulse rate, and satellite transmission of events
  • VHF schedule local sunrise/sunset
  • Deploy multiple collars on the same frequency and distinguish between them by means of embedded collar IDs in the beacon signals, coded VHF
  • Includes aluminum bezels on electronics and battery housing
  • Timed Release Drop off – collar can be fitted with a TRD (adds 35-55 g to the weight of the collar), TRRD (adds 125g to the weight of the collar)
  • User replaceable battery pack
  • Option to have a potted battery (not user replaceable), for species that are likely to be very hard on collars
  • VHF beacons for tracking, as well as mortality alerts right to your email or phone.
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