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MicroLiteTrack 5

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Efficient, Lightweight and Rechargeable

Too small for a collar? Try the GPS, VHF TAG

Lotek Group has introduced an innovative family of GPS products, the LiteTrack family, intended for small mammals. These collars collect GPS signals at a users’ specified rate, feature a VHF beacon and are optionally capable of remote download of collected GPS data. Some species are just too small for a collar. In this situation you can consider a glue on device, such as the MicroLiteTrack 5.
Operating life can vary depending on application and study needs and objectives. It can be more than doubled using ‘SWIFT’ fix technology. Please contact one of our Telemetry Specialists to discuss your study needs.


  • Proximity detection and/or transmission
  • SWIFT fixes for many more locations
  • Mortality indication
  • Remote data download
  • Flexible scheduling of GPS + VHF + RF communication
  • Sensor data logging: on board temperature and 3 axis accelerometer activity, in raw, averaged or ODBA formats
  • Frequency Range: 148MHz to 174MHz
  • Deploy multiple tags on the same frequency and distinguish between them by means of embedded collar IDs in the beacon signals, coded VHF
  • Geofencing feature
  • Product Application Examples

    Home range analysis, Survival, Reintroductions in historical habitat, Disease transmission, Habitat use and movement behaviour, Efficient Eradication planning and management

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    Predator-free New Zealand: No fences allowed

  • Product Specifications

    Model MicroLiteTrack 5
    Weight (g) <7
    GPS life [1] (days)
      Standard fixes 20 @ 3 fixes per day
    6 @ 24 fixes per day
      SWIFT fixes 40 @ 3 fixes per day
    8 @ 24 fixes per day
    VHF life [2] (days) ~7

    1. Presented numbers are theoretical operating lives at 25˚C using cell manufacturers stated capacity at 20% derating. Actual lives may vary at the extremes of the operating temperature range by up to 50%. Operating GPS life has been estimated with VHF beacon programmed to operate 7 hours per week on average. GPS schedule can be adjusted to match either study length or goals.
    2. This is an estimate of how long the VHF beacon continues to operate after GPS records its last scheduled fix.

    Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


    Technical Specifications:
    Frequency Range: 148MHz to 174MHz

    Antenna Options:
    External Whip Antenna: Vertical / Horizontal

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