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PinPoint VHF Commander

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Remote download of GPS data from your PinPoint VHF tags

The PinPoint Commander (PPC) is used to communicate with PinPoint VHF tags or LiteTrack collars to download their data, upload new schedules, and test Proximity functions. The PPC is lightweight and portable. It works with simple whip or directional antennas, such as a Yagi or an H Antenna, to further increase its effective range. The unit can work in autonomous mode, where it will operate unattended following a schedule. Separate solar power can be used to power the unattended unit.


  • Support for: GPS, Activity, Proximity & Mortality data download.
  • Supports partial data download in challenging environments.
  • Product Features

    Can work with hundreds of collars, Can be used as an autonomous base station, User friendly.

  • Product Applications

    The PinPoint VHF Commander is required for the remote download of data from our PinPoint VHF tags.  It can also be used to upload new schedules remotely.

    Go to PinPoint VHF tags for more information on the most appropriate projects.

  • Product Specifications

    Model PinPoint Commander
    Weight (g) 240 (without batteries)
    295 (with 3x AA alkaline batteries)
    Operational life [1] (hours) 27 to 40
    Size [2] (LxWxH) (mm) 159.4 x 77.9 x 33.5
    Memory 2GB+ Micro SD (not user-replaceable)

    1. Operational life based on continuous use. Calculation is based on AA alkaline batteries with 1200mAH capacity. The actual working longevity may vary depending on intensity of RF communications and setting of screen backlight.
    2. The height of antenna and power connector not included.

    A suitable whip or directional antenna (e.g. Yagi) with coaxial cable and BNC connector is required for use. Must be puchased seperately.

    A manual tracking receiver, such as a Biotracker, and a Yagi antenna on an appropriate frequency band is required to find the tag using the beacon.

    Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


    Technical specifications:
    Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
    Frequency Range: 142 MHz to 172 MHz
    PC connection: Mini USB
    Power source:
    External: USB or DC source (Min 5V~Max 25V)
    Internal: 3x AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries

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