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Coded VHF Radio Transmitter

The Lotek Miniature Sensor Transmitter was developed to provide real time temperature and/or bi-modal motion data for studies involving smaller adults and juvenile fish species, reptiles and amphibians. MST can be configured as either ID-only or real time sensor transmitter and utilizes Lotek proprietary codesets enabling over 700 unique IDs per frequency (Lotek 5), thereby greatly reducing overall scan time when compared to individual frequency “beeper” type transmitters or smaller codesets available from other manufacturers. MST incorporates a highly flexible On/Off Activation and variable Burst Interval scheduler to further extend transmitter operational life.


  • Transmission modes available include ID-only or ID plus sensor(s).
  • Activation Programming modes available
  • External attachment option available.
  • Also available as non-coded “beeper” transmitter.
  • Product Features

    Key features:

    • MST-Series radio transmitters are compatible with Lotek model SRX_400A, SRX 600 and SRX-DL coded radio receivers.
    • Transmission modes available include ID-only or ID plus sensor(s).
    • Sensor configuration include one or two sensors.
    • Activation Programming modes available include Basic (delay, 3 level on/off) and Advanced (burst rate scheduler).
    • Specifications presented for internal implantation. External attachment option available.

    Also available as a non-coded “beeper”.

  • Product Applications

    Used in studies of small adults or juvenile fish species, reptiles and amphibians.

  • Product Specifications

    Model Type Physical Specifications Life (days)
       Size (ØxL) (mm) Weight [1] (g) 2s interval 5s interval
    MST-720 ID only 7 x 18 1.3 22 50
    MST-820 ID only 8 x 20 2.1 44 100
    MST-930 ID only 9.5 x 26 4.0 117 266
    MST-720-T Temperature 7 x 20 1.4 21 49
    MST-820-T Temperature 8 x 22 2.2 43 97
    MST-930-T Temperature 9.5 x 28 4.0 114 260
    MST-720-M Motion 7 x 28 1.8 21 46
    MST-820-M Motion 8 x 28 2.8 42 92
    MST-930-M Motion 9.5 x 32 4.5 113 245
    MST-720-MT Motion & Temperature 7 x 28 1.8 21 45
    MST-820-MT Motion & Temperature 8 x 28 2.8 42 91
    MST-930-MT Motion & Temperature 9.5 x 32 4.5 111 242

    1. Stated weight in air may vary by ±5%

    Technical specifications:
    Temperature sensor range:-6˚C to +34˚C
    Temperature accuracy/resolution: ± 0.8˚C/0.8˚C
    Motion Status is reported as either ID/ID +100 or sensor level 0/1
    Programmable Motion Status sensitivity (1-5), trip point (hours), and latch/reset option

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