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Extend the life of your PinPoint tags using the sun’s energy

The life of our PinPoint range of GPS tags can be extended by using our solar housing option. The lightweight casing gives a starting weight of around 6 g. The aerodynamics of the tag have been optimized while providing a large surface area for the solar panels.

There are a variety of designs to improve the exposure of the solar panels to the sun, including transparent domes or feather grooves, which maintain the streamlined format, and provide harness attachment points.

With our PinPoint VHF tags, GPS locations are logged on the unit, then via the radio beacon, you can find tagged individuals and download the data from a distance using our PinPoint Commander and a Yagi antenna. Alternatively, the PinPoint Commander can be set up in the field as an autonomous download station.

  • Product Features

    Automated Remote Download
    You can track down your animal manually for downloading data without re-capture, or save time by leaving the PinPoint Commander in a location where you think your animal will be going on a regular basis (e.g. nesting or roosting site) to automatically download the data.

    Flexible Scheduling
    As with all our PinPoint GPS tags, a user-friendly PinPoint Host allows you to schedule GPS location records when you want, as well as when to activate the VHF beacon for finding the animal and turn on the communications so that data can be downloaded or new schedules uploaded.

    Record activity (2D, 3D, raw accelerometer data or OBDA), temperature, mortality or there is even an option for proximity.

    Swift Locations
    Swift locations (or fixes) are more efficient than standard locations, so the tag can record more of them, although they can not be used for virtual fences.

    Convenient Data Processing
    Use the PinPoint Host software to convert data to spreadsheets or GoogleEarth files with a few clicks of a mouse.

    Solar Powered
    Extends the life of small tags. While there is the potential to work indefinitely, cells and other components do degrade over time, so it is best to consider these tags as extending the life rather than working for ever.

    Aerodynamic and Lightweight Housing
    We have taken care to consider the impact on the animal by reducing weight, but also reducing the effect of wind drag. This extends to a variety of way of exposing the solar panels to the sun, by parting the feathers, but keeping the top of the tag level with the feathers using ‘Crested Domes’, or providing ‘Feather Channels’ to guide the feathers along the side of the tag for the solar panels to sit on top.

    Harness Attachments
    By providing harness attachment points front and back, we have made deployment easier. The back rails are also used to connect via the DLC interface to a PC for scheduling or downloading data if you retrieve the tag.

    Antenna strengths, colour and even reflectiveness can be configured to best suit your species.

  • Product Applications

    Almost everyone wants their tags to work forever, and these housings can certainly extend the life of the tag for a given weight.

    However, you need to consider whether it works for your application, by considering which remote download functionality is most appropriate and whether your study species spends sufficient time in the open to gather enough solar energy to power the tag.

    Please discuss your specific application with out Telemetry Specialists to consider whether it will be appropriate.

  • Product Specifications


    Model PinPoint VHF
    Solar – S
    PinPoint VHF
    Solar – M
    PinPoint VHF
    Solar – L
    Weight (g) [1] ~6.0 ~11.0 ~16.0
    Estimated number of locations Contact one of our Avian Telemetry Specialists for estimates.
    Dependent on insolation and GPS acquisition time
    Base dimensions (mm) 40 x 18 60 x 22 80 x 25
    Height dimensions From 11mm – Tag body height & dome shape customised to order
    Rechargeable Solar panel recharging
    Operating temperature -5°C to +35°C
    Antenna 5cm GPS antenna
    18-23 cm VHF antenna
    Waterproofing Splash tolerant
    Warranty 6 months or 80% of the scheduled life,

    whichever is shorter

    1. Listed weights include tube/attachment points for fitting harnesses, flat top design and standard antennas. Weights may vary, especially with case and antenna options.
    2. Minimum tag height 11mm. Tag height can be increased to bring the solar deck above the feathers , if required.
    3. Antenna angle can be set at a high or low angle (in relation to the back of the bird), as required.


    A PinPoint DLC is required for scheduling, and downloading locations if the tag is retrieved after deployment.

    A PinPoint VHF Commander and Yagi antenna are required for remote download.

    A manual tracking receiver, such as the Biotracker receiver, and a Yagi antenna are required to find the tag using the beacon.

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