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WildCell MG

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WILDCELL MG – GPS GSM, RADIO COLLARS with 2-way communication via GSM

This innovative family of GPS products was designed for deployments in areas with cellular coverage and is intended for large mammals. The collars collect positions at users’ specified rate, feature a VHF beacon and remote download of collected data. The collars come in a variety of sizes and can weight from 950 grams up to 1050g depending on belt type and size. Operating life also can vary depending on application, study needs and objectives. Please contact one of our telemetry consultants to discuss your study needs. We look forward to finding out what species you want to use these GPS GSM collars on, and what you will discover.


  • Mortality indication
  • Flexible scheduling of GPS + VHF communication for extended operating life
  • Sensors: activity, temperature
  • Geofencing
  • Timed Release Drop off – collar can be fitted with a TRD or TRRD device
  • User replaceable battery pack
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