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VHF Avian Tags for smaller species

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Highly customized, reliable tags for all types of birds, bats and bugs

Our PicoPip series is just what you need for a wide range of birds, bats and insects. Decide on the right balance of signal strength, operating life and sensing options, then specify the ideal tag for your study, with expert guidance from one of our Avian Telemetry Specialists.

Our PicoPip190 tag is so small it can be used on insects. In its lightest form (only 0.22 g) it has a 5cm antenna with a very lightweight coating and is activated by cutting a wire.

For species that can wear collars, please see our Pip collar range.

  • Attachment: Backpack, Tailmount, Necklace, Legmount
  • Sensing: Activity, Posture, Temperature
  • Start-up: Magnet or wire
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