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Coded VHF Radio Transmitters

Ranging in size from 0.24g, the Lotek NanoTag represents the smallest coded VHF radio transmitter in the world today for tracking freshwater species in their natural environment.
By combining analog and digital circuitry within a single application specific integrated circuit ASIC, Lotek introduced a new level of energy efficiency, stability and reliability to the animal tracking and research community.
NanoTag permits studies of smaller species for longer periods of time, thereby reducing the impact on the species.


  • At 0.1s burst interval increments, for more efficient use of scan times and increased detection probability.
  • Programmable for 12 hr. ON/OFF operation, to further extend operational life.
  • Flexible scheduling of GPS + VHF + RF communication for extended operating life
  • Also available as non-coded “beeper” transmitter.
  • Product Features

    • Infrared Activation and deactivation: Eliminates need for magnet removal/attachment on the transmitter during field sessions.
    • Frequency Tolerance: To ± 500Hz (DSP500 spec.). This results in stable output power at the specified frequency throughout the life of the tag.
    • Operational Range: 147MHz to 168MHz
    • Options:
      • At 0.1s burst interval increments, for more efficient use of scan times and increased detection probability.
      • Programmable for 12 hr. ON/OFF operation, to further extend operational life.
      • Also available as non-coded “beeper” transmitter.

    At the heart of the NanoTag Series transmitter lies a technological breakthrough in microcircuitry design. NanoTag brings three distinct technologies – radio, digital processing and infrared – together on a single 2.8mm2 ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). Applying thin-thick film hybrid techniques, the ASIC and advanced surface mount components are then populated on a ceramic substrate.

    NanoTag’s intended biotelemetry application meets requirements long sought within the field of fisheries research for a small and highly stable coded transmitter with a long operational life.

    NanoTag series radio transmitters are primarily designed for use with Lotek digitally encoded systems. Based upon a proprietary coding scheme, our coded radio telemetry systems allow over 500 transmitters to be assigned on a single frequency, while retaining the ability to identify individual animals. This capability reduces the need for additional frequencies over conventional pulse/beeper systems, with a corresponding reduction in overall scan time. Spatial and temporal resolutions are enhanced accordingly. Burst rate/intervals selected for the NanoTag transmitter can be specified in 0.1 second increments to best meet application and operational life needs. Specifying a daily activity cycle for the transmitter further extends operational life in mobile tracking studies.

  • Product Applications

    Salmon smolt survival studies, fish passage/guidance efficiency studies, migration timing, monitoring small amphibians and reptiles, and lamprey.

  • Product Specifications

     Model Physical Specifications Life [1] (days)
      Weight (g) Size (LxWxH) (mm) 2s interval 5s interval 10s interval 40s interval
    NTF-1-1 0.24 9.6 x 5 x 3 13 30 52 120
    NTF-2-1 0.30 9.6 x 5 x 3 20 46 80 185
    NTF-3-2 0.57 11 x 5.2 x 5 46 105 185 428
    NTF-5-2 1.50 15 x Ø 8.2 89 203 357 826
    NTF-6-1 2.50 19 x Ø 9 130 299 525 1215
    NTF-6-2 4.00 25 x Ø 9 246 565 992 2296

    Technical specifications:
    Frequency range: 147MHz to 168MHz
    Operating temperature: 0˚C – +35˚C

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