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UMAP Acoustic Positioning Software

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Wireless positioning software for Lotek 76 KHz MAP or 416 KHz JSATS acoustic systems

UMAP acoustic positioning software provides a means for researchers to compute precise and continuous fine scale fish tracks in two or three dimensions based on data collected with Lotek wireless hydrophone systems, models WHS 3250/3050 (MAP acoustic) or WHS 4250 (JSATS acoustic). UMAP puts the researcher in control of all raw data processing and noise filtering, therefore providing a fully transparent process and qualification of results. UMAP software provides precise position estimates for tagged fish located within wireless hydrophone system arrays consisting of from three to up to 256 hydrophones. Applications range from small footprint critical habitat studies to continuous monitoring of entire harbors, lakes and large river systems for species migration timing/behavior, interaction, habitat use, fish passage/guidance efficiency near hydro-electric structures or behavior in response to anthropogenic disturbance.

  • Product Features

    • Continuous 2-D or 3-D (using depth tags) tracks of transmittered animals automatically computed from data extracted from 3 to 256 autonomous wireless hydrophones
    • Compatible with MAP (WHS 3050, 3250) and JSATS (WHS 4250) acoustic systems
    • Transparent process – user controlled processing/filtering of raw data
    • Dilution of Precision calculation supports optimal hydrophone array geometry (aperture)
    • Open architecture supports exchange with third party analysis tools
    • Export file generation for import by major GIS packages and Google Earth
    • No hydrophone cable requirement means lower deployment and maintenance costs and ultimately, higher system reliability.
    • No surface buoy requirement translates to lower equipment and deployment costs, higher reliability and reduction in losses from theft, damage from debris or vandalism.
    • Precise positioning in areas where cables are impractical means that new research can be conducted in areas of fine scale habitat utilization, species interaction, and behavior around barriers or effluent plumes.
  • Product Applications

    Fine scale species interaction, Critical habitat use, Fish guidance/passage efficiency, Multi-year whole lake/bay/river monitoring, Pollutant uptake studies, Predator/prey studies, Areas of concern remediation efforts.


    JSATS system deployed off the coast of Spain

    Using data generated with UMAP, then processed and filtered in R, this animation shows the activity of marine animals; pearly razor fish, n = 320, Common pandora, n = 6, Sand Steenbras, n =  1, Sea bream and Rough Ray, n = 3.”

    Credit: Josep Alos, Eneko Aspillaga, IMEDEA, 2020.




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