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KiwiSat® Fin Tag Series

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Low power transmitters afford small size for lightweight deployments

The KiwiSat® 202 fin-mount is designed for short to medium term monitoring of released rehabilitated or refloated stranded cetaceans.

Models with optional DIVE sensing send data on the most recent dives whilst maximising the number of transmissions.

At a Cetacean Tag Design workshop hosted by the Office of Naval Research and the Marine Mammal Commission, the single pin mounting was considered to be the least invasive for this type of monitoring. Combined with minimal frontal area this attachment has proved to be a success.

One model is fitted with a VHF transmitter in addition to the Argos transmitter to allow the researcher to locate and visually monitor the study animal at sea.


  • Wet/dry sensor, flexible scheduling and haul-out mode
  • Local area tracking with built in VHF transmitter (K2F 172B only)
  • DIVE sensing
  • Product Application Examples

    Our range of fin tags are ideal for monitoring the location of sharks, dolphins and porpoises as well as monitoring post stranding survival of large cetaceans. The KiwiSat® K2F 176D fin-mount is primarily intended for tracking sharks.

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  • Product Specifications

    Model Weight [1]
    Size (LxWxH)
    Max depth
    VHF Life [2]
    (Standard / DIVE sensors)
    K2F 163C 37 75 x 20 x 25 500 No 153
    K2F 172D 47 100 x 20 x 25 500 Yes 263
    K2F 173A 45 100 x 20 x 25 500 No 305 297
    K2F 176F 80 83 x 23 x 110 2000 No 433 421
    K2F 176G 80 80 x 23 x 110 2000 No 433 421
    K2F 363C 115 63 x 62 x 24.5 500 No 545

    1. The size and weights are of the PTT only as the attachment parts may vary in size per species. Please note that the attachment pin is not supplied.
    2. Estimated life based on 200 transmissions per day. Where a VHF transmitter is included, the life estimate includes VHF for 8hrs/day.

    Technical specifications:
    Argos transmit power: 500mW
    Operating temperature range: – 20˚C to 50˚C

    Standard sensors:
    Wet/dry sensor
    Temperature sensor range: -50˚C to 75˚C
    Temperature sensor accuracy: +/- 0.5˚C
    Temperature sensor resolution: 0.25˚C

    DIVE sensors:
    Calibrated sensor range: -5˚C to 40˚C
    Depth sensor ranges: 200m, 500m, 2000m
    Depth sensor accuracy: ±1% of Full Scale
    Depth sensor resolution: ~0.025% of Full Scale
    Temperature sensor range: -40˚C to 60˚C
    Temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.2˚C
    Temperature sensor resolution: better than 0.05˚C

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