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LiteTrack Iridium 250 - 750

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1/3 Lighter and up to 3X more GPS fixes

Lotek Group has introduced an innovative family of GPS products (LiteTrack) intended to reduce significantly the weight of the collar while increasing the data collected and send the data via the Iridium satellite system.
While still NEW this product line is field proven.
The collars come in a variety of sizes and can weigh from just below 250 grams up to 420 grams depending on battery configuration, belt type and size.
Operating life also can vary depending on battery configuration, application and study needs and objectives. It can be more than doubled or tripled using ‘SWIFT’ fixes strategy at an expense of slight accuracy degradation.
Please contact one of our Telemetry Specialists to discuss your study needs. We look forward to finding out what species you want to use these innovative collars on, and what you will discover.


  • SWIFT Fixes for many more locations
  • VIDEO with AUDIO and STILL picture cameras
  • Enhanced Mortality indication with increase in VHF pulse rate, and Iridium transmission of events
  • Flexible scheduling of GPS + VHF + RF + Iridium communication
  • GEOFENCING alerts and schedule changes
  • Remote data download and upload via Iridium
  • Remote data download and upload via VHF radio frequency
  • Sensor data logging: on board temperature and 3 axis accelerometer activity, in raw, averaged or ODBA  formats
  • Deploy multiple collars on the same frequency and distinguish between them by means of embedded collar IDs in the VHF beacon signals
  • Memory: stores up to 100,000 fixes
  • Drop off compatibility with our TRD  and  TRRD models
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