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Economical remote download of GPS data, when you can see your subject, but can’t catch it.

With our PinPoint VHF tags, GPS locations are logged, then a radio-beacon allows you to find your animal and download the data from a distance using our PinPoint Commander and Yagi antenna. Alternatively, the PinPoint Commander can be left in the field to download data when the animal is close enough.

For efficient power use, you have the flexibility to schedule the beacon and the remote download at the end of the GPS schedule, or on a periodic basis.

New schedules can be remotely uploaded to the tags, e.g. if you want to gather more frequent information because the animal is in a particular location or behaving unusually.

Great for:

  • Species that are difficult to recapture, but you know where they will be
  • Periodic data collection during your study
  • Species prone to disturbance


  • Product Features

    Automated Remote Download
    You can track down your animal manually for downloading data without re-capture, or save time by leaving the PinPoint Commander in a location where you think your animal will be going on a regular basis (e.g. nesting or roosting site) to automatically download the data.

    Flexible Scheduling
    As with all our PinPoint GPS tags, a user-friendly PinPoint Host allows you to schedule GPS location records when you want, as well as when to activate the VHF beacon for finding the animal and turn on the communications so that data can be downloaded or new schedules uploaded.

    Record activity (2D, 3D, raw accelerometer data or OBDA), temperature, mortality or there is even an option for proximity.

    Swift Locations
    Swift locations (or fixes) are more efficient than standard locations, so the tag can record more of them, although they can not be used for virtual fences.

    Convenient Data Processing
    Use the PinPoint Host software to convert data to spreadsheets or GoogleEarth files with a few clicks of a mouse.

  • Product Applications


    PinPoint VHF download works well for species, that are difficult to re-trap to retrieve a tag for download but are likely to stay within or return to a known area. For example, you may wish to know the home range of an animal that does not venture far and can be easily tracked down using the VHF beacon. Alternatively, a migratory species may return to its nest after migration, and the PinPoint VHF Commander can be left close to the nest to download its migration and wintering area. Significant behavioural data can be remotely downloaded, which would be prohibitive over a remote network for practical or financial reasons.


    Barred Owl Studies. From ground, air and SPACE!

    Turkeys Researchers (Bret Collier)
    Turkey Trapping, Tagging, and Research – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]


    How to Trap Live Wild Turkeys for Research Purposes

  • Product Specifications

    Model PinPoint VHF-50 PinPoint VHF-75 PinPoint VHF-120 PinPoint VHF-240
    Standard weight (g) 3.0 3.5
    Heavy duty weight (g) 4.1 4.8 5.3 8.0
    Size (LxWxH) (mm) 23 x 12 x 6 25 x 14 x 7 25 x 14 x 10 55 x 17 x 11
    Estimated number of
    90 to 5,500 (dependent on model and schedules)
    Antenna length [1] 5cm GPS antenna, 18cm VHF antenna

    1. Weight includes tubes for fitting harnesses. Customised, heavy duty (more robust with stronger antennas) and marinised versions of these tags are available for additional weight.

    Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

    Other battery sizes are available, please contact one of our Telemetry Specialists to find out more.

    A PinPoint DLC is required for scheduling, and downloading data if the tag is retrieved after deployment.

    A PinPoint VHF Commander and Yagi antenna are required for remote download.

    A manual tracking receiver, such as the Biotracker, and Yagi antenna on an appropriate frequency band, is required to find the tag using the beacon.


    Technical specifications:
    Operating temperature: -5°C to +50°C
    Waterproofing: Standard & Heavy-duty models: Splash tolerant

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