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Drop-off Mechanism for Lotek Collars

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Timer and Radio Release Mechanisms

Capturing and recapturing for collar deployment is a stressful event for the animals and costly endeavour for the biologists. Lotek’s drop off solutions are designed to reduce the cost associated with recapture, as well as the stress on the animal. The choices offered can cover deployment on a multiple array of species. The weights of drop offs vary from 10g – 121g , the release principles include timer, on-demand and low voltage trigger, and set-up for release up to 3 years. Contact your Telemetry Specialist to discuss suitability of dropoff model for your study goals.


  • Choice of 2 drop-off mechanisms: release by radio or timer.
    Full control of location of drop-off with radio release option.
    Units equipped with radio are also equipped with timer as a backup.
  • Either send existing collars to Lotek to be retrofitted, or do it yourself.
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