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Activity Logger (ALOG)

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Over the past decade, biologists have been enhancing their research studies with the addition of activity sensors. These sensors have become a useful tool in helping biologists answer questions that they were not able to answer before.

Lotek is pleased to introduce the Activity Logger (ALOG) accessory for Lotek GPS or VHF Collars. The addition of an ALOG unit allows for the collection of acceleration, magnetic field strength, and gyroscope readings in 3 axis with data frequency of up to 50 Hz. The ALOG accessory records acceleration, angular velocity and rotational velocity. When combined with spatial data the ALOG fills in the gaps between GPS fixes, allowing a more complete view into the animals temporal habits.


  • Units can be scheduled to sample sensors as the users see fit in a very flexible manner known across all Lotek products.
  • Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope can be used individually or simultaneously
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