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Ultimate Lite Collar Range

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Extensively tested for toughness before earning the name ‘Ultimate’.

Ultimate VHF Collars are rugged designs that have been field-proven over many years in the harshest of environments. Our Ultimate VHF Collars combine proven electronics with robust, synthetic materials and modern manufacturing processes to produce a cost-effective design, well-suited to meet the rigorous demands that typify use in terrestrial wildlife studies.


  • Temperature sensing and transmission for increased data value.
  • Packing material options for increased durability.
    Standard (as specified in table)
    Heavy Duty (same weight as standard, suited to animals who will chew transmitter)
  • Antenna gauge and length options for increased durability and range.
    Length: 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.
    Gauge: Light (Solid), Standard (Stranded), Heavy Duty (Stranded HD)
  • Product Application Examples

    Home range analysis, survival, presence / absence

  • Product Specifications

    Model Weight [1] (g) Collar type Antenna type Antenna length Life [2]
    pulse width (days)
    30ppm 40ppm
    V1C 102A 1.5 Non-replaceable cable tie Whip (solid) 100 32 26
    V1C 102B 3.2 Brass band 32 26
    V1C 102C 1.7 Replaceable cable tie Whip (stranded) 100 32 26
    V1C 105A 1.6 Non-replaceable cable tie Whip (solid) 100 56 46
    V1C 105B 3.4 Brass band 56 46
    V1C 105C 1.9 Replaceable cable tie Whip (stranded) 100 56 46
    V1C 106A 1.8 Non-replaceable cable tie Whip (solid) 100 61 51
    V1C 106B 3.6 Brass band 61 51
    V1C 106C 2.1 Replaceable cable tie Whip (stranded) 100 61 51
    V1C 110B 4.5 Brass band 107 89
    V1C 110C 3.0 Replaceable cable tie Whip (stranded) 150 107 89
    V1C 115B 5.1 Brass band 204 169
    V1C 115C 3.6 Replaceable cable tie Whip (stranded) 150 204 169
    V1C 116B 5.9 Brass band 242 200
    V1C 116C 4.4 Replaceable cable tie Whip (stranded) 150 242 200
    V1C 118B 6.5 Brass band 369 306
    V1C 118C 5.0 Replaceable cable tie Whip (stranded) 150 369 306

    1. Weights are based on the antenna gauges and antenna lengths indicated in the table.
    Changing antenna length and gauge will vary the weight. Please contact Lotek to discuss requirements.

    2. VHF life estimates are based on continuous operation at 25°C and pulse width of 18ms. Actual life may be reduced up to 50% at operating temperature boundaries.

    Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


    Technical specifications:
    Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
    VHF frequency range: 142 to 174 MHz
    Brass band Circumference: 50 – 70mm, 70 – 90mm, 90 – 110mm, 110 – 130mm, 130 – 150mm.
    Cable Tie Circumference: 55 – 90mm

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