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Kiwi VHF Leg-Band

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A special tag for a special bird

These are the original kiwi leg-band radio-tags developed by Sirtrack (now Lotek NZ) working with kiwi researchers over 30 years ago. Of paramount importance was the welfare of the kiwi, but performance in terms of optimising tag life and strength of signal were also critical to the success of projects. They have now been used for decades by conservationists restoring kiwi populations throughout New Zealand.

The kiwi leg-bands can equally be used on other species where tailmounts or harness mounted backpacks are not appropriate, and when an external antenna is not required.


  • Chick-timer and Egg-timer monitoring (species dependent)
  • Mortality mode and Time Since Death
  • Product Features

    Designed for safety:

    Over 30 years have guided development of kiwi leg-bands that are safe and reliable for this unique group of birds.

    Sophisticated options:

    Mortality sensing indicates when a kiwi has not moved for several hours, which means you do not have to disturb a live kiwi. However, if it is dead you can move in quickly which can dramatically improve the evidence for cause of death. Moreover, the Time Since Death option provides a series of beeps that tells you how many days since the tag was still.

    For some species there are even more sophisticated firmware options to help establish the start and end of incubation and even alert the tracker to a deserted nest. Please note these are very species/project specific and need to be discussed in detail for them to be appropriate for the study.

  • Product Applications

    Kiwi conservation programs have been driving the design of these tags, and the species specific firmware has aided the fight to save them.  Nevertheless there may be other species that could use the tags, especially those for which a legmount is more appropriate and external antennas seen as a hindrance to the bird.

  • Product Specifications

    Model V1L 118A V1L 118B V2L 123A V2L 152A V2L 161A V2L 163A
    Max weight (g) 5 5 10 11 22 22
    Life [1] (days)            
      30ppm 369 369 90 196 616 616
      40ppm 306 306 70 154 482 482
    Size (LxWxH) (mm) 26 x 13 x 8 26 x 13 x 8 20 x 17 x 20 31 x 21 x 16 35 x 23 x 19 35 x 23 x 19
    Leg-band gap (mm) 5 5 5 5 5 or 8 5 or 8
    Leg-band option Square Square Square Square Round Round
    Antenna type Whip Whip Whip Loop Loop Loop
    Antenna length (mm) 80 80 100
    Antenna angle option 45˚ or 90˚ 45˚ or 90˚ 45˚ or 90˚
    Antenna protection option Spring Heatshrink Heatshrink

    1. Maximum theoretical life at 25˚C using cell manufacturers stated capacity. Actual lives may vary at the extremes of the operating temperature range by up to 50%. Life calculation based on continuous operation at 18 ms Pulse Width

    Technical Specifications:
    Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
    VHF frequency range: 142 MHz to 174 MHz

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