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LiteTrack Iridium 130 - 150

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Has an Iridium collar ever been so small?

Lotek has introduced an innovative family of GPS products, the LiteTrack family, intended for small mammals. These collars collect GPS signals at a users’ specified rate, feature a VHF beacon and are capable of transmitting GPS positions to your computer or mobile screen via Iridium satellite system to Lotek’s Webservice interface. An additional method of remote communication can be included via radio frequency transmission in the field.
Starting at ~130 grams, Lotek’s LiteTrack GPS Iridium Collars offer the smallest solution on the market whilst still offering unrivalled performance and battery life.

Additional features include VHF beacons for tracking, as well as mortality alerts right to your email or phone. Other feature alerts can also be sent directly to you, such as a Geofence crossing event.
Operating life can vary depending on application and study needs and objectives. It can be more than doubled using ‘SWIFT’ fix technology. Please contact one of our Telemetry Specialists to discuss your study needs.


  • Proximity detection and/or transmission, near or far
  • SWIFT fixes for many more locations
  • Mortality indication with increase in VHF pulse rate, and Iridium transmission of events
  • Remote data download and upload via Iridium
  • Remote data download and upload via radio frequency
  • Flexible scheduling of GPS + VHF + RF communication
  • Sensor data logging: on board temperature and 3 axis accelerometer activity, in raw, averaged or ODBA formats
  • Deploy multiple collars on the same frequency and distinguish between them by means of embedded collar IDs in the beacon signals, coded VHF
  • Geofencing feature
  • Memory: stores up to 100,000 fixes
  • Collar width 20 to 30 mm
  • Timed Release Drop off – collar can be fitted with a TRD  or a microTRD
  • Product Applications

    Home range analysis, Survival, Reintroductions, Inter and Intra species interactions, Disease transmission, Habitat use and movement behaviour, efficient Eradication planning and management

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    Bobcat City – Studying Urban Cats – Texas Parks and Wildlife

  • Product Specifications

    Model LiteTrack Iridium 130 LiteTrack Iridium 150
    Housing size (LxWxH) (mm) 60 x 36.82 x 37.5 74.92 x 40.64 x 43
    Weight (g) Ungulate/Carnivore 125 – 140 145 – 190
    Fix type Regular [1] SWIFT [2] Regular [1] SWIFT [2]
    1 year life 4 8 12 18
    2 years life 1 3 4 8

    For LiteTrack Iridium 130 & 150: Life calculated with VHF beacon operating for 7h per week for standard fixes, 7h per week for SWIFT fixes.
    The collar transmits through Iridium after collecting 8 positions for standard fixes and 9 positions for SWIFT fixes.


    Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


    Technical specifications:
    Frequency range: 148MHz to 174MHz
    Operating temperature: -30˚C to +50˚C
    Standard adjustment (mm): ±30
    Collar circumference (mm): 210-350
    Collar width (mm): 20-30
    Timed Release Drop-Off:
    microTRD (10g) or TRD (35-55g)
    Collars must be built drop off compatible

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