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PinPoint GPS Beacon for birds & bats

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Find your GPS loggers more easily with our PinPoint Beacon tags

For light GPS loggers that need to be retrieved for downloading you must know where they are, and a radio beacon will help you track them down using a receiver and Yagi antenna.

You can choose the days and times that GPS locations are recorded with a highly sophisticated and flexible scheduler that can provide just what you want. The VHF beacon is scheduled separately, for example after you have collected the GPS locations, or for a limited time each day, to make best use of the battery power.

Great for:

  • Relocating tagged animals after migration
  • Keep track of your subject during the GPS schedule
  • Retrieving tags after short-term home range studies
  • Mortality detection
  • Optional customization: extra protection, antenna strength etc. available on request


  • Mortality detection
  • Tubes for harness attachment
  • Other customizations (e.g. extra protection, thicker antenna) available on request
  • Product Features

    VHF Beacon:
    to track down the tag for data retreival

    Small Size:
    Starting at just 3.5 g, these tags can be used on a large number of small animals.

    User-friendly Scheduler:
    Scheduling tags is both easy and has great flexibility to get the locations, and fire the beacon, exactly when you want

    Convenient Data Processing:
    Download the data using our DLC interface and PinPoint Host software, then convert to spreadsheets or GoogleEarth files with a few clicks of a mouse.

  • Product Applications

    Most useful where GPS data is required from an animal that is easily re-trapped, or when the tag becomes detached from an animal.

  • Product Specifications

    Model PinPoint
    Standard weight (g) 3.0 3.5
    Heavy duty weight [1] (g) 4.1 4.8 5.3 8.0
    Size (LxWxH) (mm) 23 x 12 x 6 25 x 14 x 7 25 x 14 x 10 55 x 17 x 11
    Estimated number of locations 90-5,500 depending on tag model plus the GPS and Beacon schedules
    Antenna length 5cm Antenna for GPS, 18 – 23 cm Antenna for VHF

    1. Weight includes tubes for fitting harnesses. Customised, heavy duty (more robust with stronger ant ennas) and marinised versions of these tags are available for additional weight.

    Other battery sizes available, please contact one of our Telemetry Specialists to find out more.

    A PinPoint DLC is required for scheduling, and downloading locations after being recovered.

    Technical specifications:
    Operating temperature: -5°C to +50°C
    Battery: Limited recharges, dependent on deployment
    Waterproofing: Standard & Heavy duty models: Splash tolerant

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