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fLight Geolocators for birds

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Tiny tags to study big migrations

Ornithologists studying the smallest migrants have been demanding ever smaller light-based geolocators. We have now produced the smallest geolocators on the market. They have combined the smallest components, with the best data compression, so that even more species can reveal where they are going when out of sight.

  • Product Features

    Weights from 0.3g:
    Although more robust tags will be heavier, the starting weight can be as light as 0.3 g, suitable for warblers and hirundines.

    Automated start:
    Simply remove from a specially designed dark bag, and after 20 minutes of exposure to light the tags will start working. Couldn’t be easier. This avoids problems with setting clocks or not starting the tags,

    No external connectors:
    As there is no need to connect tags to start them, fLight tags are completely sealed, improving waterproofing and meaning that no external pins can damage eggs or legs.

    Blue light:
    Blue light is the first light in the morning and the last in the evening, more clearly defining the beginning and end of the day, crucial to geolocation analysis.

    Simple download:
    Remove the connection protector, plug in to our interface and follow simple instructions to get the data from the tag.

    Data suitable for freely available analysis suites:
    A recurring concern with automatically calculated locations from geolocators, is “what methods and what assumptions”. Therefore the output (date stamp and light level) is designed to be compatible with freely available software, including the R-package routines, so that you can choose to analyse the data with whichever level of sophistication you require. No black boxes.


  • Product Applications

    Suitable for studying migration of the smallest birds.  Geolocation does not have the same accuracy as GPS, so if you are studying a larger species and they can carry a 1 g tag or larger, then investigate our GPS products.

  • Product Specifications

    Model FL6057 FL6257 FL6B57
    Weight (g) 0.30 0.31 0.33
    Size [1] (LxWxH) (mm) 17 x 6.5 x 3 12 x 6.5 x 5 17 x 6.5 x 3 (excl. pipe)
    Life (months) 12 12 12
    Sensor options Light @ 4 minute intervals
    Simple start Automated start. No need to activate or program
    Simple download Using fLight-Recorder interface. Follow simple on-screen instructions
    Quick view Rapidly view data on fLight Quick view
    Analyses Downloaded data designed to be compatible with freely available software, including the R-package routines.
    Warranty life (months) 9 9 9

    1. Minimum tag height. 

    Features and specifications subject to change without notice.


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