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PinPoint GPS Argos Solar for birds

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Extend the life of your PinPoint tags using the sun’s energy

Our PinPoint range of GPS tags can be made to last longer by using solar housing. Lightweight casing gives a starting weight under 7 g. We have considered the aerodynamics of the tag, while still providing a large surface area for the solar panels. There are a variety of designs to improve the exposure of the solar panels to the sun, including transparent domes or feather grooves, which maintain the streamlined format, and provide harness attachment points.

The performance of the tag will depend on many factors, and we are able to estimate how many locations are possible given the knowledge you have of the species. Please ask one of our Telemetry Specialists to get a study-specific estimate of the optimal schedule.


  • Programmable VHF Beacon
  • Mortality Sensing
  • Various customisable design options to reduce feather coverage
  • Automatically collect data in Movebank
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