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PinPoint GPS Argos Solar for birds

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Extend the life of your PinPoint tags using the sun’s energy

Our PinPoint range of GPS tags can be made to last longer by using our solar housing. Lightweight casing gives a starting weight of around 6 g. We have considered the aerodynamics of the tag, while still providing a large surface area for the solar panels. There are a variety of designs to improve the exposure of the solar panels to the sun, including transparent domes or feather grooves, which maintain the streamlined format, and provide harness attachment points.

The performance of the tag will depend on many factors, and we have ways of estimating how many locations are possible given the knowledge you have of the species.  Please ask one of our Telemetry Specialists to see which PinPoint lines are available in solar format and to get a study-specific estimate of the optimal schedule.


  • Custom Packaging
  • Automatically collect data in Movebank
  • GPS Altitude
  • Product Features

    Amazing Functionality for such a Small Size
    Starting at just 6 g, not only can these tags log accurate GPS locations, they can also transmit those locations to Argos satellites around the world, so you don’t need to know where your animal is going, it will tell you.

    User-friendly Scheduler
    Scheduling tags is both easy and has great flexibility to get the locations exactly when you want

    Convenient Data Processing
    Download the data from the ARGOS web platform and convert into spreadsheets or GoogleEarth files.

    Extended life with streamlined tags
    Optimised casing to maximise exposure of the solar panels while keeping the tag streamlined to reduce drag.

  • Product Applications

    Almost everyone wants their tags to work forever, and these housings can certainly extend the life of the tag for a given weight.

    However, you need to consider whether it works for your application, by considering which remote download functionality is most appropriate and whether your study species spends sufficient time in the open to gather enough solar energy to power the tag.

    Please discussion your specific application with out Telemetry Specialists to consider whether it will be appropriate.

  • Product Specifications


    Model PinPoint Argos
    Solar – S
    PinPoint Argos
    Solar – M
    PinPoint Argos
    Solar – L
    Weight [1] ~6.6g ~11g ~16g
    Estimated number of locations Contact one of our Avian Telemetry Specialists for estimates.
    Dependent on insolation and GPS acquisition time
    Base dimensions (mm) 40 x 18 60 x 22 80 x 25
    Height dimensions From 11mm – Tag body height & dome shape customised to order
    Rechargeable Solar panel recharging
    Operating temperature -5°C to +35°C
    Antenna 5cm GPS antenna
    18-23 cm Argos antenna
    Waterproofing Splash tolerant
    Warranty 6 months or 80% of the scheduled life,

    whichever is shorter

    1. Dependent on case design and antennas.  Please ask one of our Avian Telemetry Specialists for further information.

  • Product Downloads

    Here you’ll find product resources including software applications, manuals, quick-start guides and spec sheets. For any questions, please contact us.

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