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Estimating the Discard Mortality of Atlantic Cod in the Southern Gulf of Maine Commercial Lobster Fishery

Abstract The Gulf of Maine (GOM) commercial lobster fishery has approximately 3.5 million actively fished traps and captures several nontargeted groundfish species, including Atlantic Cod Gadus morhua, as bycatch, yet there has been limited research on the incidental mortality of groundfish in this fishery. Although the mortality of Atlantic Cod…

Validation and welfare assessment of flipper-mounted time-depth recorders for monitoring penguins in zoos and aquariums

Abstract The time that penguins devote to aquatic behaviors likely has important implications for their welfare in zoos and aquariums. For decades, field researchers have used time-depth recorders (TDRs) to understand the behavior of penguins at sea. However, zoos and aquariums have rarely used these tools, and wearing devices can…