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Directional Acoustic Mobile Tracking Receiver

Lotek AcouTrack acoustic receiving system is a directional mobile tracker designed for detecting, decoding, displaying and logging the unique IDs and sensor data associated with either MAP or JSATS acoustic transmitters in real time. Configured for use with two hydrophones, and supplied with direction finding software, the AcouTrack system enables the highest level of acoustic mobile tracking efficiency available. The AcouTrack receiving system is fitted with an LCD screen, high visibility LED directional indicators, internal speaker, stereo 3.5mm headphone jack, and a intuitive keypad controlled interface. House in a rugged high visibility yellow pelican case, the AcouTrack is built to IP67 dust and water resistance standards.


  • Available in either 76kHz MAP or 416kHz JSATs
  • Compatible with 1 or 2 LHP hydrophones
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