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Expandable Collar Inserts

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Expandable collar inserts provide a limited amount of expansion for standard collars

In response to customer request Lotek have developed a range of expandable collar inserts. Expandable inserts add the following features to the LiteTrack and small VHF collars they are fitted to.


  • A weak link: The expandable insert is manufactured from material that is less robust than collar material. In the event that an animal ‘snags’ the collar on an obstruction, the expandable insert provides a point for the collar to break. The breaking point will depend on varying factors including the age of the collar and insert and the size and strength of the animal carrying the collar.
  • A degradable link: The expandable link is made from a material that will degrade with environmental exposure. Degradation will be due to a number of factors including UV exposure, temperature and moisture. The rate of degradation will be dependent on the unique mix of environmental conditions specific to the species being researched and the habitat of such species.
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