SRX800 RECEIVER HOST Software GPS Rollover Update

Firmware Update Recommended

On or around April 7th, 2019, some of the GPS modules used in SRX800 receivers will be affected by a GPS rollover event. This rollover is an inevitable event in the life of the GPS module, which has a cycle period of 1024 weeks. Upon reaching the end of this period, the module resets the week number back to zero and starts counting up again. Week zero was in August 1999.

SRX HOST software and firmware updates have been released to counter the effect the rollover event has on logging incorrect timestamps. For those users unable to install these updates prior to April 7th, incorrectly logged time stamps can later be corrected simply by converting any bin files collected after this time using the new SRX HOST.

Please contact Lotek Customer Service below for further assistance and or follow steps outlined in related video.

Paul Wigglesworth
ph: 905-836-6680 x2260

Andrew Chalk
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