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WHS 6000

Wireless Hydrophone System 69 kHz Autonomous Acoustic Receiver/Datalogger

The WHS 6000 is an autonomous, submersible receiver/datalogger that detects, decodes and records the presence of 69kHz acoustic transmitters. This receiver is an affordable, compact, and lightweight system, compatible with 69kHz pulse-position modulation (PPM) coding systems, such as Open Protocol (OP), R64K and S256, as well as digital 69kHz systems, such as OPdi and OPds, that use a Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) coding system.


  • Increased Sensitivity Omni-Directional Spherical Piezo or Cylindrical Piezo compatible
  • 2 or 4 Lithium D-Cell Battery variants
  • Product Features

    • Autonomous underwater node – complete with hydrophone, receiver, datalogger in waterproof/submersible (400 m) package powered by one to four D-cell lithium batteries
    • Sub-millisecond ID pulse – robust against code collision in multi-tag congregations and multi-path environments
    • Over 65,000 unique ID codes on a single frequency
    • Energy efficient – ability to operate for 50 days with a single D-cell lithium battery and up to 200 days with 4 cells
    • Low cost and light weight – minimizes deployment resources required
    • Supplied with Host software for easy programming, data download, and data processing
    • Depth rated to 400 meters
    • Bluetooth®-enabled for wireless programming and system diagnostics
    • Real time monitoring option for mobile tracking with optional cable
    • Sensor Options include the ability to log Pressure, Temperature and Tilt
  • Product Applications

    Ideal for projects that take place in large aquatic systems, such as the ocean or inter-connected lake systems, where multiple telemetry projects may be taking place, sometimes by different researchers.


  • Product Specifications

    Model WHS 6000S WHS 6000L
    Weight in air (kg) 1.2 1.7
    Life (days) 100 [1] 200 [2]
    Size (ØxL) (mm) 60 x 435 60 x 585
    Buoyancy Slightly Negative (< 100g)
    Depth rating (m) 400
    Compatible codesets PPM: OPi, OPs, R64K (A69-1303), S256 (A69-1105)
    BPSK: OPDi[3], OPDs[3]
    Data storage / capacity 8 GB removable microSD card

    1. Operational life based on 2 lithium primary D-cells. Operational life may vary slightly based on beacon schedule and ambient temperature.
    2. Operational life based on 4 lithium primary D-cells. Operational life may vary slightly based on beacon schedule and ambient temperature.
    3. Compatible with future OP digital codesets.


    Technical specifications:
    Operating temperature range: 0°C to 50°C
    Operating frequency: 69KHz
    Decoding: BPSK compatible

    Data File Format Headers: Time, date, tag ID, relative signal strength and diagnostic information
    Diagnostic Information: Memory status, battery voltage, total number of detections and number of detections in last hour

  • Product Downloads

    Here you’ll find product resources including software applications, manuals, quick-start guides and spec sheets. For any questions, please contact us.

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