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Lotek Wireless Fish & Wildlife Monitoring Systems

Lotek is a world leader in the design and manufacture of fish and wildlife monitoring systems. Our innovative and internationally recognized radio, acoustic, archival and satellite monitoring solutions allow researchers to track animals, birds and fish of almost any size, in almost any environment. Whether an animal moves through a terrestrial, freshwater, marine or avian habitat, Lotek has a system to track it.

Leading researchers around the world rely on Lotek telemetry equipment and expertise. We are proud to be partners in fish and wildlife research being conducted in more than 100 countries - on every continent and in every ocean.

Our craft is biotelemetry technology; our passion is the environment. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for a sustainable future. In addition to our leading edge equipment, we also provide environmental consulting services to assist clients with system selection, research design and implementation, equipment training and data analysis.

Lotek was founded in 1984. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in the development of fish and wildlife monitoring systems for many years to come!


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View our 2003 Canada Export Award profile video:

In 2003, Lotek was awarded the Canada Export Award by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. They produced the video below to introduce and showcase the company. Though somewhat dated now, it still serves as a good summary of our company's activities and commitment to developing innovative solutions for a sustainable future. The narrator starts in French, but switches to English for most of the video.

Duration: 2.25 minutes

Read our "Biotelemetry - an introduction to Lotek Wireless" booklet. Published in 2006, 28 pages, PDF format, 6.8 MB.

A limited number of printed copies of this booklet are available for special requests.  If your project or grant proposal would benefit from having a printed copy of this booklet, please send us the details of your request using our contact us form.

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Lotek has enjoyed much recognition for our work and our safety standards since we began operations in 1984. Among the awards and honours that we have received are the following:

Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Technology Pioneer Award (to Lotek CEO Jim Lotimer)
from American Computer Museum & Montana State University
National Research Council of Canada's "Canadian Innovation Leader"  
2003 Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Hall of Distinction Award   
2003 Canada Export Award
awarded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.    
2002 Canada Export Award for Innovation and Technology awarded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
Company of the Year for Newfoundland and Labrador - Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI)   
Ontario Global Traders - Award of Merit for Innovation
Ontario Global Traders Regional Award for Market Expansion
Newfoundland and Labrador Marconi Communications Export Award
Lotek recognized by the Industrial Accident Prevention Association for 14 years of accident-free business.
Lotek featured in the "Best Practices" video of the Workers Safety Insurance Board.
Hall of Distinction Award for export development, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce.
Top 100 Entrepreneurs Award (to Lotek President Jim Lotimer), Ontario Business Journal.
Award of Excellence, Small Business category, from Canada Awards for Business Excellence.
Certificate of Merit Award, Small Business category, from Canada Awards for Business Excellence.
Commitment to Quality Award from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Ministry of Industry, Trade and Technology.

Since its inception in 1984, Lotek has played a leading role in research and development in the fisheries and wildlife telemetry field. Over the years we have achieved a number of world-wide development "firsts" in wildlife and fisheries research, including the following:

Development of an implantable fish electromyogram transmitter capable of recording and transmitting metabolic activity and energy expenditure data.
Introduction of the SRX 400, the industry's first fully integrated tracking/data-logging "smart" telemetry receiver.
The first software-configurable, application-specific system for automatic fish passage analysis.
Development of sophisticated digital coding techniques, reflecting a paradigm jump in its ability to distinguish multiple codes on single frequencies.
Development of a series of peripheral devices permitting - among other things - multiple antenna switching (1991) and ultrasonic to VHF conversion (1997). These developments provide a heretofore unavailable range of system configurations.

Development of software for automatic systems to provide:

  • user configurable data collection and validation strategies (1991)
  • adaptive frequency scanning (1991)
  • summary record generation and real time statistical analysis (1993)
  • diagnostic and fault recovery strategies (1993)
  • remote system monitoring with download/upload control via telephone (1996)
Creation of the wildlife equipment industry's first family of crystal controlled custom integrated circuits for code and pulse rate generation.
Design of the DSP 500 digital receiver that affords near-simultaneous, multi-frequency discrimination of up to 4250 transmitters.
Development of the world's first automatic large mammal tracking system incorporating a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, data storage unit, and radio control and communication link, thus affording high-accuracy positioning of animals remotely over a large study area.
Development of the first integrated, dynamically switched coded acoustic/radio fish tag (CART).
Developed first IR activated, fully-programmable digitally encoded radio transmitter (NANOTAG)
with a mass < 1 gram (current version 0.26 gram).
Deployed the first autonomous logger acoustic positioning system (ALPS, upgraded to UMAP).
Introduced 1 gram GPS tag for birds.
Introduced first GPS/ARGOS tag for birds weighing less than 3.5 grams.