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KiwiSat® PTTs for birds

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Satellite tracking tags for migration studies

If studying migration, without the need for accurate locations, then satellite PTTs with Argos Doppler location accuracy have been used for decades to discover important migration routes and wintering areas. Our Argos secure data portal allows you to access your data usually in under an hour, without having to retrieve the tracking device from the field.

The KiwiSat® 303 Argos transmitter is a development of the KiwiSat® 202 adding more flexible scheduling. The transmitter is highly efficient to maximize battery life whilst providing superior location quality.

Great for:

  • Tracking unknown migration routes
  • Low site fidelity species
  • Dispersal tracking


  • Temperature sensor measures local environmental temperature
  • User configurable duty scheduling – allows user to determine Argos transmission schedule for 36 month period.
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