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Introducing the smallest Argos transmitters for sea turtles in the world: <3g K4H 130B

Lotek KiwiSat® K4H 13x Harness series offers a range of extremely light weight, field proven marine Argos transmitters for 100-150g sea turtles. Each model is carefully designed with a compact shape and minimal frontal area. Models are available weighing from as little as 2.9g and they are rigorously tested to depths as deep as 200m. The tag maximizes the benefits offered by the Argos-3 network meaning that transmit power can be halved for the same amount of data throughput and error rates thereby minimizing the transmitter size.


  • Rechargeable via a connection cable for non-solar model.
  • Wet/dry sensor, wet-start, flexible scheduling.
  • DIVE data includes max. depth, dive time and TAD (Time At Depth) index.
  • Anti-biofouling coating.
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