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Tigress returns to the wild

The female predator moved from Dalnerechensky district in Primorye to the edge of a federal SPNT to be far away from residential areas in a place full of hoofed animals. Read the full story here:

First giant hornet nest in U.S. located near B.C.'s southern border

Giant hornets made headlines in early 2020 for the potential devastation they can cause local bee populations. Thanks to the effort of the Washington State Department of Agriculture, a team was able to track individuals to a nest and remove it. Read the full story here:

A nest of Asian hornets has been spotted and destroyed in Geneva

With the appearance of Asian hornets in Geneva, experts have been in a race against time to pinpoint the nests of this invasive species. Using Lotek PicoPip tags attached directly to captured insects, a large nest was found and destroyed. Read the full story below:

Short-Eared Owl Tracking Has Shown Surprising Migration Patterns

With a wide range of open habitat and surprisingly variable movement behaviour, the short-eared owl is proving to be one of the most interesting and mysterious species to study. A significant decline in their population in recent years has prompted the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) to implement a research…

Bighorn sheep surviving and thriving in southern Arizona

Bighorn sheep are thriving in southern Arizona. Now, we are in year six of a 10-year relocation plan. So far, officials say they are right on track.