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WHS 4250 Series - JSATS Acoustic Receiver

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Cost effective,
JSATS compatible submersible acoustic receiver

Lotek is pleased to offer the JSATS compatible WHS 4250 autonomous datalogging acoustic node receiver system.

The WHS 4250 is an affordable, compact, lightweight, submersible datalogging receiver that operates for 100 days with two D-cell lithium batteries and enables researchers to utilize the smallest acoustic tags available (¼ gram).

Applications include smolt survival studies, habitat utilization, migration behavior and fine scale 2D positioning.

  • Autonomous underwater node – complete with hydrophone, receiver, datalogger in waterproof/submersible (400 m) package powered by one or two D-cell lithium batteries
  • JSATS (Juvenile Salmon Acoustic Telemetry System) Compatible – allows researchers to utilize the smallest acoustic transmitters available – ¼ gram
  • Sub-millisecond ID pulse – robust against code collision in multi-tag congregations and multi-path environments
  • Over 65,000 unique ID codes on a single frequency
  • Energy efficient – ability to operate for 50 days with a single D-cell lithium battery or 100 days with 2 cells
  • Low cost and light weight – minimizes deployment resources required
  • Supplied with Host software for easy programming, data download, and data processing
  • Bluetooth®-enabled for wireless programming and system diagnostics
  • Real time monitoring option for mobile tracking with optional cable
  • Positioning (2D) – compatible with Lotek ALPS Autonomous Logger Positioning System software
  • Integrated transmit “beacon” – provides ongoing assurance of system functionality and means for receiver location and recovery.
  • Depth rated to 400 meters
  • Salmon smolt survival studies
  • Fish passage/guidance efficiency studies
  • Smallest acoustic tags available to minimize tagging effects
  • Fish behavior, congregation, response to anthropogenic perturbations
  • Habitat use, species interaction
  • Migration behavior/timing
  • Continuous tracking in two-dimensions (requires UMAP positioning system software)
Operating frequency
416.7 KHz
BPSK compatible with JSATS AMT
31-bits (7-bit Barker, 16-bit ID, 8-bit CRC)
440 / 585 mm
60 mm
1.1 / 1.7 kg
Operational life*
100 / 200 days
Depth Rating
400 m
Operating Temperature (°C)
0 - 50
Data storage capacity
2 Gb (removable SD memory card)
Diagnostic information
Memory status, battery voltage,
total no. detections, no. detections in last hr.
Remote communications
Bluetooth® option
Data file format
Header, time, date, tag ID, relative signal strength, diagnostic information
Direct cabled communication
One (1) to four (4) D-cell Lithium
Real time mobile tracking Option available with cable accessory
Integrated “beacon” transmitter User programmable (on/off) activation schedule
False code filter User programmable

* WHS 4250/4250L based on two/four battery deployment. Operational life may vary slightly based on beacon schedule and ambient temperature.

As with all Lotek products, Application/field support and training services are available to assist project managers who may be unfamiliar with the technology, or are under tight schedules.

For more information regarding this and other telemetry products, please visit our website or contact your Lotek representative.

WHS 4250 Series acoustic receiver (PDF)