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WHS 2000 - Wireless Hydrophone System

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Increasingly, fisheries researchers are expressing the need to collaborate with fellow researchers to optimize related research efforts. This often means the need to share data from other receiving systems, which is only possible if systems can be configured in a common way. Use of a common code benefits users by maintaining compatibility among systems, thereby facilitating collaboration.

The WHS 2000 data logging submersible acoustic receiver is:

  • Cost-effective
  • R-Code compatible
  • Highly sensitive
  • Auto-scanning


LOTEK is pleased to add the WHS 2000 autonomous scanning and data logging receiver to its WHS acoustic receiver series to support this research need.

The WHS 2000 is a small, highly sensitive light submersible data logger that enables deployment in a wide range of fisheries applications, from use as gates or sentries to monitor habitat utilization and in-river fish migration and movement, to use in large tracking arrays and coastal networks to monitor oceanic migrations.

The WHS 2000 submersible acoustic receiver supports data collection from transmitters operating on 15 different user-selectable frequencies, including 69 kHz, using a variety of codes.

Designed with OEM compatibility, WHS 2000 data loggers can be deployed, either for exclusive use in projects, or for use in projects that involve receivers and transmitters supplied by other manufacturers.

WHS 2000 data loggers are also fully compatible with LOTEK Multi-Mode (MM Series) acoustic transmitters (e.g., R-Code & MAP acoustic tags), designed to simultaneously transmit using multiple code schemes and/or burst intervals. Multi-mode transmitters can also be programmed for compatibility with multiple acoustic and OEM systems, thereby allowing researchers to maximize their research efforts on tagged study populations.

766 g
368 mm from transducer to eye bolt
60 mm
Depth Rating
200 m
>35 dB
1-4 Mb - supports storage of 50,000+ detection events
6-10 months using dual D cell

WHS 2000 data loggers include a WHS host data analysis and reporting software, allowing post processing of information gathered from transmitters on up to 15 different frequencies, including depth and temperature data.

Software can be used to set time and date, download data, program frequency scanning maps and many other options. A data processing software module is also included and can save valuable time in sorting and processing recovered data. Features include the ability to process data, examine data by transmitter and view activity via graphic display.

WHS 2000 Series acoustic receiver / wireless hydrophone system (PDF)