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In addition to coded and beeper transmitters, Lotek also offers sensors that are able to transmit depth, motion, temperature and EMG data. Multiple sensors can be incorporated into a single transmitter and can be designed for simultaneous deployment with conventional ID-only transmitters.

SR Series with Sensors

MCFT2 Series with Sensors

Microprocessor-controlled coded radio transmitters with motion and temperature sensors.

CEMG2 Series EMG Transmitters

CEMG2 transmitters measure muscle activity in free-swimming fish, enabling researchers to record physiological data and determine the energetic costs associated with physical activity.

Miniature Programmable Sensor Transmitters

The MST-series includes miniature ID, Motion & Temperature sensors that are on/off programmable in any pattern.

Miniature Programmable Sensor Transmitters for Birds & Bats - Coded

The MSTB-series includes sensors that are less than 2 grams, allowing insight into bird and bat behaviour.

Beeper Sensor Transmitters - Birds & Bats

Conventional beeper transmitters 0.36g and up providing information on temperature, activity and mortality.