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Digitally encoded radio tags offer a distinct advantage to researchers because each coded tag transmits a distinct, unique numerical code that differentiates it from all other tags, even those transmitting on the exact same frequency. This permits monitoring studies to be done on large groups of individuals using a single radio frequency.

NanoTag Series

NanoTag Series

Microprocessor-controlled coded radio transmitters.  A very small, highly stable and field proven radio transmitter that’s ideal for use as a smolt tag.
Avian NanoTag

Avian NanoTag

Small, long-life coded radio transmitters specifically for avian research. Avian NanoTags are the smallest coded transmitters available to bird researchers today.
MCFT Series

MCFT2 Series

Microprocessor-controlled coded radio transmitters for use with Lotek’s SRX 800 radio receiver family. Includes models with motion and temperature sensors.

MST Series

The MST-series includes miniature ID, Motion & Temperature sensors that are on/off programmable in any pattern. Available as ID-only radio tags as well.