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Case Study: Elucidating the movements, behavior, and habitat utilization of yellowfin tuna with LTD_2310 geolocators

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dragonflyAn article entitled "Movements, behavior, and habitat utilization of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Pacific Ocean off Baja California, Mexico, determined from archival tag data analyses, including unscented Kalman filtering" by Kurt M. Schaefer, Daniel W. Fuller, and Barbara A. Block, was published in 2011 in the scientific journal Fisheries Research.

The results presented are based on extensive analyses of the data recovered from 126 yellowfin tuna with LTD_2310 geolocator archival tags implanted in their peritoneal cavities.

Among the highlights:

  • 126 archival tag data sets from yellowfin at liberty ≥90 d in the Pacific were analysed.
  • The most probable yellowfin tracks indicate restricted horizontal movements.
  • Spatial and temporal patterns are evident in the distributions of diving behaviors.
  • There are significant differences among ages in their vertical behavior and habitat utilizations.

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