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Innovative Sustainability in the Scientific Community

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Lotek staff have traveled to Africa, Easter Island
and British Columbia to take part in Earthwatch projects.

Lotek Wireless prides itself in being a leader in the scientific community, both in the design of new technologies it brings to researchers and in the quality of products it delivers for deployment into the rugged market it serves. Through partnerships, sponsorships and education, we contribute to sustaining innovation and innovative sustainability in the Biotelemetry industry.

Each year 2 Lotek employees with 10+ years of tenure are funded to participate in an Earth Watch research program. Earthwatch is an international non-profit organization that co-ordinates volunteer opportunities in scientific expeditions all over the world. Lotek pays for travel expenses and the employee’s salaries while they are on expedition. We have had staff travel to Africa, Easter Island and British Columbia to take part in these projects.

Queens University Ecological Observatory:
Lotek has been involved in an exciting project with the Queen’s University Biological Station, Carleton University, and Illinois Natural History Survey helping to create a unique research vehicle at Warner Lake near Kingston Ontario. Using one of our most advanced acoustic tracking systems, researchers have gathered precise 3-D location data on fish that they intend to make available to other scientists in other universities and other countries for analysis.  Their goal is to become a pioneer site for a new way to collaborate on ecological research

University Chair:
Lotek was a partner in providing funds for a 5 year Industrial Chair with Co-op Research and Development (CRD) at the University of Waterloo and University of British Columbia.  University students had the benefit of hands-on experience in working in the field of Biotelemety.

Lotek has sponsored several Wildlife and Fisheries conferences and provided staff time to assist in planning some of the events at a recent conference in Ottawa, Ontario.

Our consulting staff and biologists provide Telemetry workshops at conferences and at educational facilities throughout the world.

Plant tours (providing hands-on experience with our products) for scientists, school groups and community organizations are a regular event at Lotek.

Visiting scientists often present their research findings to Lotek employees; broadening their understanding of the environment while demonstrating some of the many applications of our innovative wildlife monitoring devices.

Lotek has worked with the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto and Region Conservation for the Living City, giving presentations to under-privileged youth at their Research and Innovation Science Camp.

Research and Development:
Research and development has always been a high priority and as such Lotek hires staff whose primary responsibility is to explore new technologies for the future. We have designed and manufactured many product “firsts” in our industry.

Lotek believes that an investment in local and global scientific communities is an investment in our future.

Staff Quote:  “We do science for scientists to do science” Mark Ploughman