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Innovative Sustainability in our Corporate Culture and Local Community

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Caring for our community parks

Lotek is committed to supporting a sustainable environment within the corporation and in our local communities. We provide a safe and healthy workplace that offers a balance between work, family life, environmental contributions, and community interests.

Volunteer Work:
Each year employees are granted a paid half day to do volunteer work. Lotek has a committee who work with conservation and environmental organizations planning projects for staff to help maintain local parks and participate in scientific research. One of our recent efforts by staff at our St. John’s Newfoundland plant, cleaning up Lundrigan’s Marsh Interpretive Site in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, was applauded on CBC Radio Noon CrossTalk (Sept 10/08) by Dr. Bill Montevecchi, an NCC Atlantic Board member.  

Lotek employees also participate in an annual Earth Day Cleanup gathering garbage from the plant site and other local businesses.

Our president sits on the local Economic Development Committee, helping to shape the future growth of our community.

Our employees demonstrate their commitment to being socially responsible by donating food and toys to support a local family during the winter holidays.

Auctions have been held at company functions and all proceeds were given to disadvantaged families and/or environmental organizations.

Often when there is a disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, or hurricane, both the employees and the corporation contribute to relief funds.

In addition, Lotek donates funds to Environmental organizations that protect our local and national parks and resources.  

Green Activities:
Lotek has had an extensive recycling program for many years, and we have encouraged employees to be environmentally conscious by providing “green” tips literature, energy efficient light bulbs and reusable bags. We promote ‘bike to work’ and walking programs and wherever possible, design and maintain our facilities with the environment in mind.

Lotek is an award winning company that offers employees; wellness programs, a generous benefit package, flexible work hours, education assistance programs, social activities, lunch time seminars and a floating extra day of vacation. Employees who have been with the company over 10 years have the opportunity to participate in the Earth Watch program that takes volunteers all over the world to assist in scientific research projects.

Staff Quote:
"Bravo to Lotek for involving themselves with the Earthwatch organization. Having won the opportunity to participate in an expedition is something I will never forget. The hand’s on experience gave me a better perspective on how the studies and equipment are being used to gather important information on the issues directly effecting our environment and the opportunity to work with some of the most knowledge people in their field. I would definitely consider going on another expedition". Jennifer Leonard

Health and Safety:
Lotek Wireless has an active Health and Safety committee. This committee and all staff work together to ensure that employees are working in a safe environment, free from accidents. In August of 1997, the company celebrated 13 years of non-compensable claims. The President of the Industrial Accident Prevention Association honoured Lotek by presenting a plaque that is proudly displayed in our plant. We continue with a healthy record, with only a couple of minor incidents in the last 10 years.

A team of employees have been trained to conduct Ergonomic Assessments on staff work stations. Early detection of ergonomic issues has lessened the symptoms impacting the employees health and work performance.

Our facilities have been designed to allow as much natural daylight as possible into the building. This natural light helps to combat such syndromes as Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

Onsite Flu Clinics are offered to all staff, and members of their family. The cost of this clinic is absorbed by the Company. Many staff take advantage of this offering and Lotek has seen very positive results with reduced sick time usage during the winter months.

Staff Quote:
“I don’t feel like I am working in a factory, it’s like I’m at home in my kitchen or at my desk doing crafts. The large windows and the hours are excellent.” Ili Takacs