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PSAT Series: Pop-Off Satellite Archival Tags

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Gain valuable insights into the life cycle of your species.

The Lotek PSAT family of Pop-up Satellite Archival Tags are designed with a focus on reliability, longevity and ease of use. The hydrodynamic design and testing have delivered a tag with superior stability in the waterflow, causing less drag and eliminating the oscillations, observed in other tag designs, which may contribute to premature tag detachment. The Lotek PSAT is available in two standardized models, the LAT3400 and the LAT3500.

The Lotek LAT3400 PSAT tags provide daily locations throughout an entire year long deployment by sending on-board processed light geolocation position estimates, not raw light data. In addition to the position estimates, the tag provides other daily summary data including temperature, SST and depth.

The LAT3500 is designed for short-term post-release survivorship studies of non target species by-catch and other studies requiring short term records of pressure and temperature.

Filtered 3 month PSAT track of an Atlantic bluefin tuna from Spain to the Labrador Sea. (Filter set to 2 degrees of latitude and 1 degree of longitude)
  • Low drag, stable design for maximum longevity and minimum impact on the study animal.
  • A constant depth function will release the tag from the study animal if it sinks to the bottom or floats to the surface to allow data transmission.


  • Improved data throughput via Argos by sending daily location estimates and summary data instead of raw light data.
  • Also via Argos, 2 days of 60 second light, pressure and temprerature time-series data are sent to verify data quality.
  • The Lotek Template-Fit light geolocation algorithm offers locations with error estimates.
  • On board memory stores pressure, temperature, light and wet/dry state sampled every 20 secs for over a year.


  • Pressure and temperature time-series data sampled every 5 mins sent via Argos after release.
  • Deployment lengths of 14 days and 30 days are available.
  • On board memory stores pressure, temperature, light and wet/dry state sampled every 10 secs.


Model LAT3400 LAT3500
Length 125 mm
Tube (outside) diameter 19 mm
Max. diameter (collar) 40 mm
Weight in air 89 grams
Operating life Up to 1 year Up to 30 days
Depth rating 2000 m
Buoyancy 8 grams
Operating temperature -5° to +60° C
On-board memory 8 Mbytes
Standard depth ranges
500 m, 1000 m, 2000 m
Wet-start function YES
Constant depth release none, 3day/5m, 3day/15m none, 3day/5m, 3day/15m
Sensors Light, Pressure, External Temperature, Wet/Dry
Pressure sensor Accuracy +/- 1 %, Resolution 0.05 % (of full scale)
Temperature sensors Range -5 C to 35 C, Accuracy +/- 0.2 C, Resolution 0.05 C
Clock accuracy Better than 2 mins per year


PSAT drag force chart

N.B. These specifications are subject to change.