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More reliable data download with more consistent satellite coverage.

Options include:

  • Swift fixes for quicker GPS acquisition
  • 2-way communication of schedules
  • Setting virtual fence parameters
  • VHF beacon for regular monitoring

Model Specifications

Model PinPoint Iridium 200 PinPoint Iridium 850
Weight (g) 40 65
Dimensions (mm, l x w x h) 73 x 36 x 27 88 x 39 x 37
Potential fixes per day*
Desired operating life Standard Fixes Swift Fixes Standard Fixes Swift Fixes
1 month life 12 24 96 144
2-month life 5 12 36 72
3-month life 3 10 24 48
6-month life 1 4 7 20
12-month life - 2 3 10
Scheduling User programmable GPS acquisition and data upload
over days, months or even a whole migration
Two-way communication Ability to remotely upload new schedules and Virtual Fence*** polygons
VHF Beacon option Requires whip antenna (std. 18cm) and available in 148 - 174 MHz
Battery One-time use
Operating temperature -5°C to +50°C
Warranty** 80% of Estimated Life, to a Maximum Warranty Period of 3 months

Please ask about other models if a different size or weight is needed.

Please contact one of our Avian Telemetry Specialists to discuss your individual project requirements.

* Locations may be attempted but the bird’s behaviour can prevent GPS acquisition and upload. Number of location attempts are approximate and schedule dependent. Operating life can be further increased by decreasing the frequency of iridium transmission (more positions in the record) and/or decreasing average time when VHF Beacon is on – for help with your application, contact one of our specialists.

** All PinPoint Tags are Warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under Normal Use for a period of 80% of Estimated Life for the first deployment schedule, unless otherwise specified, to a specified Maximum Warranty Period.

*** If Virtual Fencing is enabled, then an alert is sent when an animal moves in or out of a specified area.