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PinPoint Family

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Lotek's PinPoint Family of tags offers GPS tracking capabilities in remarkably small devices, with a variety of options including built-in VHF beacons, data relay via Argos, and more.

PinPoint GPS

Accurate, automated locations from a GPS tag weighing just 1g. Features include flexible programming and rechargeable battery for repeat deployments.
Miniature MAP Series

PinPoint Beacon

From 3.5g, our PinPoint Beacon tags offer accurate, automated locations and a built-in VHF beacon.

PinPoint Argos

The world’s smallest certified GPS Argos tag, from just 3.5g. GPS locations taken at times/dates programmed by you, and automatically relayed by Argos Satellite from anywhere in the world.

PinPoint Argos Solar

GPS locations automatically relayed - now with solar panels for longer-term deployments.
Miniature MAP Series

PinPoint VHF Download

These tags provide GPS locations that are downloadable remotely over VHF radio with our VHF PinPoint Command Unit, with no need to recapture your animal.
Miniature MAP Series

PinPoint Pod

For birds or asset tracking, this unit features a rechargeable battery for multiple deployments. Available options include Geofence, VHF Beacon, and Activity.