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Case Study: Ovenbird Migratory Connectivity

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New insights into Ovenbird Migratory Connectivity with PinPoint-10 GPS tags (1.2g)

In this study, Ovenbirds from two Eastern USA sites were captured and tagged with GPS PinPoint-10 tags to identify the non-breeding location of individuals, and to quantify the strength of migratory connectivity (the degree to which migratory individuals are arranged geographically during two or more stages of the annual cycle).

  • Read the case study.
  • Also, read the Smithsonian News Release here.
  • Watch a video showing the recovery of a GPS PinPoint tag and the download and display of the data that it contained:

    Summary (from the YouTube page's description):

    link to paper:

    citation: Hallworth, M. T. and Marra, P. P. Miniaturized GPS Tags Identify Non-breeding Territories of a Small Breeding Migratory Songbird. Sci. Rep. 5, 11069; doi: 10.1038/srep11069 (2015).

    Filmed and edited by M. T. Hallworth

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